Thursday, March 16, 2006


First off, I just noticed that my last post was #250! Wow.. I guess I really cannot shut up!!!

Anyways.. living in Minnesota, most of us have a touch of Seasonal Affect Disorder in the winter. The snow, cold, and cloudiness can really get a person down. And right about now I am really feeling it. Friday it was 55 degrees and sunny. I did not need a jacket and I thought Spring was really here. Then Monday we had a snowstorm with over 1/2 a foot of snow and now today we had another snowstorm with just less then that of snow. This has also brought back highs in the twenties. Yes, I know Spring is not far off.. it is the middle of March. I just want it to be nice now. I know I am always tired, but this time of the year I feel even more so.

It is
NCAA Tournament time!! No one I am really rooting for... though I have a soft spot in my heart for North Carolina (maybe it is partially because Michael Jordan went there) and I see they are the 3rd seed in their region. Also, it is cool because Minneapolis is hosting some of the regional action again.
I went to
Let's Dish the other day. It sure was fun and easy. Though I wont be able to taste the food because it was for someone else. Nick and I are going to have to do that for ourselves really soon.
In just over a week I will be going to another scrapbooking retreat! This one is the Upper Midwest ScrapShare retreat in Wisconsin! It should be a lot of fun!!!

(I had to post this after my (IRL) friend Laura and I were talking about tickers!)
Otherwise, tomorrow Nick is supposed to be taking his Dad to Kansas City to stay with his Dad's brother and sister-in-law. So I hope they have a safe trip!


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Donnann Tritten said...

I am really looking forward to meeting you at the retreat next weekend!!