Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another night..

(I wrote the yesterday, btw.... I did not email the right way... doh!!)

I had another bad night last night. Nick was at a meeting (and then stayed out way too late) and I had the two kids.. I don't know what is wrong with me.. could it be PMS or stress or what....I have just had a hard time dealing with my kids. And I feel so bad that I am such a terrible parent. I know in the back of my head if I would be more patient or give them more attention or something, they would be better kids. But on the other hand I feel like I am on one of my exhaustion waves where I am more tired then normal or have less energy. And maybe Spring will help my mood.
Of course, when I am crabby I also procrastinate more.
Why is it that we keep saying over and over again that we are going to work on getting stuff done in a timely matter and being better people and yet, we still don't?
Anyways, Nick is gone again tonight.. though hopefully he wont stay out too late. And I NEED to finish my presentation!


Roxanne said...

You are not a terrible parent, m'dear! I envy all you do at such a young age! And procrastination is NORMAL! People that are so on top of things, completely organized, get everything done 2 months before it's due...they drive me NUTS! You are likeable.
I'm going to stop using exclamation points now. :)

Mel said...


Glad I am likeable and normal!! :)

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

You aren't a terrible parent! There isn't a rule book or anything that makes it an easy job, you just have to take one day at a time. They'll go in phases where they listen to you or listen to Nick. It'll be OK.