Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March is here

Well I feel I should post something.. I did not post yesterday for no real reason beyond not too much to say.
Nick was sick with the 24 hour "thing" yesterday - poor baby - he feels a lot better this morning though.  I just hope that we don't get it because we all have had it somewhat the past month.  Nothing like not wanting to go to bed because you know the room is filled with icky germs (even if I slept there the night before when I had a better chance of catching it).

Today is Ash Wednesday.  I still find it difficult to give up meat on Fridays during lent because we are such carnivores in our house.  And today we cannot have meat either.  I tried to think of something to do for lent... give up the internet?  TV?  Exercise more?  Meditate daily?  I have no clue though really what to do.  Is anyone reading doing anything special?

I just went and had fun on my new Creative Memories website (link to it is on the sidebar - right at the top).  I sure hope it helps to bring in some business.

And yesterday was the last day of meteorological winter!  I just hope that means that we can start warming up.  January was really nice here in MN but February had some cold days.  And we always seem to get a mid month snowstorm in March called the high school state tournament blizzard. 

I think it is just about lunch time... at least my stomach says that.

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