Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Since I like to share all my knowledge and tips about blogs I thought I should share this site with you. Well actually I have been meaning to share for like a month but sometimes I have to be in the mood to post things here.

This site is like blog explosion... basically, you surf other people's websites through their random blog surfer deal and you get credits which brings traffic to your blog. If the link above does not work just add a comment to the comments section and I will email you an invite (you may get some bonus credits that way - though don't quote me).
And today is a perfect day to sign up because you get double credits for surfing just till the end of the day!
Also, others can vote on your blog through the following link - and if you give mine a great score I guess I get priority.
Varb For Me
So check it out!


Dariana said...

Well hello! I gave you a 10 on Varb. Thanks for participating in the BlogMad Comment Exchange on my blog.

Happy surfing! Please stop in again soon!

Tabz said...

Hey! I think I know you from Judy's Book. Ha.

This is Tabitha... I was surfing through blogs here on blog mad and was like hey! I know that picture!

Mel said...

Dariana - thanks for the 10!!

And tabitha - Yep, I am on JB too! Your name rings a bell, I will have to "look you up" next time I am there!!