Tuesday, March 07, 2006

RIP Kirby Puckett

I debated whether to even write about this because I don't intend to talk about deaths of people in my blog unless they are close family and friends. But in away, we were all close to Kirby Puckett.
On Monday night, the greatest baseball player to ever wear a Minnesota Twins uniform died from a stroke. Leaving behind so many people that loved him, so many memories that will not die just because he did.
Just the previous night we learned of his stroke... and I just knew in my heart that we had lost him.
I have never been a big baseball fan. The game is too slow for me and when I played, I would just get hit in the head with a ball! But I am a Minnesota Team fan... so of course, I always rooted for the Twins. Growing up, my family and I went to some games every year.. and we had the pleasure of hearing the (now deceased) P.A. Announcer, Bob Casey yell, "the centerfielder, number 34, Kiiirrrrbbbyyy Puckkkeetttttt!" I watched my brother try to collect every Kirby baseball card he could find. While I was not watching the '91 World Series when he made that home run to take us to game 7 and the eventual win, I remeber being at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and getting updates from the bartenders little radio and how all the kids rejoiced when we heard the news. And I remember the only time I was within a couple feet of him at the Minneapolis Sportsmen Show (it was either 99, 00, or 01), how I wish I would have asked for his autograph.
I am sad that life got so tough towards the end, and that we doubted him, and his character. But I will remember the goodness. The kids (and adults) touched by his kindness, generosity and spirit.
He is quoted as saying something like cherish each day because you never know what can happen.. I hope we can all take that to heart.
Goodbye.. you will be missed.


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