Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What celebrity do I look like?

Ok... having fun on the web I came across a blog talking about MyHeritage.com and they take a picture of you and tell you what celebrities you look the most like... so I used the picture at the top of me with the coffee cup and this is my top 5:
1. Audrey Tautou
2. Sharon Tate
3. Asia Argento
4. Katie Holmes
5. Indira Ghandi

Ok.... interesting...
I guess they are a beta site and will be doing something related to geneology or something.. so go have fun if you so choose.


Anonymous said...

Wierd! The only one I know is Katie Holmes..

Martha said...

I understand you are the source of all this humor! Thanks for sharing it. We tried it out at our house and well...we both had a good laugh! Where do you find this stuff? It is a riot!
Martha in CO

Mel said...

Usually blog surfing (mostly through blog explosion)...
I am glad others are having fun!!!