Tuesday, January 17, 2006

3 day weekends..

3 Day weekends are so lovely - the only thing that can compete with them are 4, 5 and 6 day weekends or weeklong vacations. Though I bet most of you can agree.
This weekend was a pretty quiet one. Besides going to church Sunday morning, Nick and I were at church Sunday night for their Alpha program.
And then Monday night was my Creative Memories meeting.
Otherwise I had time to do all the laundry (good thing too, the washing machine is having problems), clean the bathroom, and scrap.
And the good thing is I have another 3 day weekend in a month! Makes me feel happy already.
I did hang out a lot at Judysbook.com. I got my trust score up to 6 and became a city editor - yippee for me! Nice to have goals in life, huh?
And one of the things I scrapped was for a swap due the beginning of February and I am already done with it!!
Maybe me getting stuff done is going to be a trend... I really hope it will be.


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