Thursday, January 19, 2006

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I ran across this story in the local paper... How to Start a Blog if anyone is interested.
My Australian friend Veronica has a new look to the top of her blog that you need to check out. It is so pretty and may inspire me to do my own creative page topper.
Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America is no more. I am lucky enough to live in the same metro area as MOA - and still really love to go - especially when there is not a lot of people. It will be weird to see the rides with "common" names and to not see the "Peanuts Gang". I think for many Minnesotans this will be a really hard transition because Charles Schulz was born here and went to the high school that my Dad ended up going to (some years after Charles). Now it will be called "The Park at MOA".
Miss America is airing on Saturday on CMT. I am glad that we are not losing this franchise - more for the tradition of it then anything. I could care less what bathing suit the contestants wear, I just feel this pageant is the standardbearer of all other pageants.
Did I tell you I made City Editor on Judysbook? I got a trust score of 6 and will get some cool swag!! Writing in this blog and writing reviews has really made me want to write more... maybe some day I can do it and make money off of it.
Countdown to the 2006 Winter Olympics. I do not get as excited for the winter ones, probably because I do not really like the cold. But they are still fun to watch. Of course one of my favorites is the ice skating!! And I really like that x number of years ago they decided to not have the Summer and Winter Olympics in the same year. That there is an Olympics every two years (or so). And maybe one year we will get to go see some of the competitions. My family (parents & brother - at the time) were thinking of going down for the 2006 Summer Olympics in Atlanta because we have family down there, but we never did. Oh well! It will be in the U.S. again.
ETA... Since I have been bomarded with offers to buy Girl Scout Cookies, I thought I would mention it. So far four people have asked Nick or myself if we wanted to buy them. We have had to turn down a couple people, I did buy one box from another, and have not responded to the email of the fourth (though we may buy cookies because you are a relative). I think it is one of those "I am an adult" moments when you get so many offers!! And sad thing is... I still have cookies in my freezer from 2-3 years ago that we bought from my Cousin who is too old to be a Girl Scout now.
Otherwise life is ok. There is a thing at work that I am kind of upset about but really cannot discuss here. I just want to say AAAAHHHHHHUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

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Veronica in Aus said...

Cool Mel - thanks for the compliment and link to my blog :)