Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blog Charm

From the people that brought you Blog Explosion, the way to bring traffic to your blog... here comes blogcharm... a way to get paid for your blog automatically... so I signed up - Empress4 - BlogCharm . Yes, yes... I do not need another blog. But, I thought, why not try it out.. I still want this to be my main blog.. but I was thinking the blogcharm one should have a theme... maybe crazy news like Turtle has... maybe fun link a day... maybe random pictures...
Anyways... I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion?
Either way... it is in beta testing, so the site wont really start making money till March 1. Till then, I might as well play around.


~D~ said...

how neat to be paid for doing what you kinda like CM huh? good luck with it honey!


Mel said...

Paid for CM? Now that is a concept!!! (I wish... though I think I am working on that).