Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Creative Memories

Most of my family and friends that read this know I am a Creative Memories Consultant. And that being one has had its highs and lows. For those that don't know, CM is a direct sales "album-making" company. And if I were to give you my 30-second commercial about it I would say: I am a Creative Memories Consultant. I help busy people put their pictures and memorabilia in photo safe albums. I have three opportunities. 1. To give others the opportunity to have a great full or part time career. 2. To earn free product by hosting a Get Together. 3. To sell you photo safe products and get me as your personal coach.
All fine and dandy... but I am not the best consultant. That said, I really want to grow my business. I may have multiple opportunities this year to get in front of others and I really hope to take full advantage of that. Because deep down I really like CM and I want to be a Consultant for life.
That said, if anyone local ever wants to scrapbook with me, give me a call, I love to have company when I scrap.
And, keep a look out for the end of February/beginning of March when I will have my own Creative Memories website.

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