Monday, January 23, 2006


Ok.. I am not a goal person. Let me clarify that, I do "make" goals - I just do not normally follow through. I often wonder, how do people set themself up to complete their goals? What really motivates them?
I struggle so much with this because I go through life following along as the tide flows. This may make some jealous because I rarely stress over things; but it is not a very productive way to live my life.
I feel like I should be so much better then I am. I am smart, really I am. I took these tests in a book on finding out what you are good at and they tested Business, Clerical, Logic, Mechanical, Numerical and Social. And in everything I was above average with being significantly superior in clerical and numerical. Makes me feel great about myself... but how can I translate that?
I do not know. I just really want to set a goal, or path, for my life and my success and want to succeed for once.
Nick wants me to be able to quit my job someday because that would mean his company is doing really well. But I do not want to completely leave the job market... so how do I do that with out having to work retail or something like that (not that I am against retail - I just enjoy not being in it for the past 5 years)?
And in a good and bad way, I bet there is a lot of people that can relate. Has anyone ever turned their life around?

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Michael said...

Not intentionally flirting with you but I was blog surfing and could not help notice how cute you were both from your picture and from your writing.

Thought you would like to know.

As for setting goals, sometimes that narrows your options. Quitting your job for the sake of status does nothing for you. There are a number of things you can do without doing retail. Follow your likes and passions and you'll find a way.

Take Care