Friday, January 27, 2006


I have been told be some that they never get headaches or have gotten less then a handful in their life. I also know others that get debilitating migraines at the drop of a hat. I am in the middle. I usually get 1 to 5 in a month. Either way, they suck. And yes, right now, I have a headache. Woke up with one... which only goes along with that I have slept like crap this week. It is a dull one, so I don't feel like taking 2 or 3 Advil.. but it is still just hanging around.
At least today is Friday, right? No big plans this weekend.
My Dad had shoulder surgery today. Something with his rotator cuff and bone spurs in his right shoulder. Mom says the surgery is already done, that is good. Unfortunately that means he wont be able to watch the kids for about a month.
Oh, and I won a $20 Starbucks card from That after I got a good chunk of change doing reviews in a promotion they had a couple weeks ago! Yippee!
Still thinking of a theme for the other blog... though thinking ain't happenin right now with this headache.

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