Monday, January 09, 2006

MY Blog

It is a funny thing. I actually may check my blog multiple times in one day. Though it isn't to read what I have wrote. Either I am checking for new comments, using the blogroll list to check a friend's blog or using one of the other links on the sidebar. Interesting. My blog is kind of a portal for me.
Weekend was ok. Not busy, so that was nice. We took down and put away most of the Christmas decorations. You know, I love Christmas... but afterwards, when the tree is dying and things are falling down as well as taking up space, I just want it out of the house.


Veronica in Aus said...

I use mine as a bit of a portal too :)

agent713 said...

So between the times that you and I check your blog, your counter is probably WAY off :D

Mel said...

Oh probably... but it makes me feel important!!!

(though if I remember right I started with 500 because I created the counter way after I had been blogging and I figured I have had some visitors!!)