Monday, January 09, 2006


Well this is what you call an "everyone is doing it" post!!! Since it seems like everyone is blogging about coffee.. I can not be left out. Well except they talk about Starbucks... I am going to talk about Minnesota-grown Caribou.

I am actually not a big fan of coffee.. I think half of the time I get it because one of my co-workers happens to be going there. And I cannot just get straight coffee.. and will also regret it if I don't get decaf. But I have a couple usuals... mocha or white mocha, decaf... or I will go there and get the tea or chai. Either way, I do prefer Caribou.. and where I work, I do have a choice because we have Caribou, Starbucks and Dunn Brothers within a couple blocks.

So Heidi, Miriam, Emmy and others... here is my thoughts on coffee!!


agent713 said...

Thoughts AND a picture! I'm honoured :D Great shot btw.

Don't worry about not getting "coffee" at the coffee shop. The point is that you are on board with paying over $4 for a drink. THAT is our goal. Get people addicted to ridiculously expensive beverages :D


Mel said...

Glad you are honored!!!

Actually I think it is less then $4 at my neighborhood Caribou... just less then that!! :)

agent713 said...

Yeah, but it's $4 AMERICAN :D You've got to add 20% to compare to me :P

Noel the Dog said...

Good to know!! I am getting one down the street from me. Closer than Starbucks for the a.m. fix. I'll give it a try when they open :)

Emmy said...

Glad you joined the coffee posting with picture craze :)
I saw a stand for Caribour coffee when I was at the airport catching my connector back to MI but I didn't have time to stop. Next time I'm in your area I will for sure!
Thinking my next coffee post will be about Seattle's Best Coffee :)