Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Some may wonder where I got the title of my blog. Which happens to be my nickname almost everywhere you go on the web.
Empress - Many years ago (I think in high school) I read a romance novel and the lead character was named Empress (don't remember the book now, but...). I took note of that name as being very pretty. Then I got a small Chinese (stuffed) frog and named it Empress. Well then I started hanging out on the internet and needed a nickname and knew I just shouldn't be [firstname][lastname] due to safety issues.. and I came up with Empress.
4 - I pretty quickly found that I could not just be Empress - I guess other people out there wanted to be Empresses as well. So I added 4. 4 is my favorite number... I don't know why... just like purple is my favorite color - it just is. And yes... 4 is the number of kids I do want some day... may or may not happen.
So I am Empress4. And any big place you go - Scrapshare, Amazon, Ebay, Babycenter, etc. - I am Empress4.
And therefore my blog is called EMPRESS4.
I hope you enjoy.


agent713 said...

As I've mentioned before, if you don't have kids, then the four can refer to the number of people in your family...and you are reigning empress over them :D

Mel said...

Ha... tell that to some family members!!
Nick says we have 4 children with the 2 kids and 2 puppies (though we actually have 3 "puppies")

roxanne said...

I have always wondered what your name meant; now I know! Oh yeah, furry kids are definitely kids..and family members! Post more furball pictures!

Mel said...

I was just thinking I have not posted any new pics of the furkids... I need to take some.. Max has sure grown... Maggie hasn't though.