Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today I am thankful for.... my son, Jeffrey

Today I am thankful for my first born, Jeffrey.
I always say there is nothing like you first time having a baby. Everything is new and unknown. Jeffrey is my child that we get to try everything out on. This year Jeffrey is in first grade and wow has he already learned a lot. Before school started he could only read our names and No and now he is reading short books to us. His does well in math but really feels challenged in english, especially writing. Jeffrey use to be my laid back child but that has changed a little bit since he has gotten older and hangs out with his Dad. He is still the kind of kid that has just a couple close friends and can have a bad day when they upset him. He also still wants to be a landscaper some day, even if Dad tells him he should do anything but. Jeffrey loves being the older brother to Samantha and Carter, whether it be teaching Sami how to write words or giving Carter hugs and kisses. And Jeffrey usually tries to be the helper around the house, though he would rather vacumn over picking up his toys any day. I was thinking today about how I feel I never see him (even with working) because he is in school all day.
I love you Jeffrey.


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