Sunday, November 09, 2008

Today I am thankful for.... The Mall of America

Yes, today I am thankful for Mall of America . Funny I should choose the biggest mall in the United States and a shrine to capitalism but since I was there today I felt it appropriate. I cannot forget 16 years ago when it opened to much fan fare. We didn't go that weekend.. we actually waited about a month later when my Mom, Dad, Brother and I got our first glimpse at this huge mall. Up until I got married 8+ years ago I lived only 15 minutes away. At that time the mall was great for get to gethers with friends and dates and I even worked there for a summer. After I got married the trips there haven't happened as much. Doesn't mean I dislike the place.. it is just 45 minute to get there now. And when I go it may be for a dinner with friends or to take the kids on rides. I have also been to parties there and know of people that have gotten married there.
I am just amazed that someplace really can have something for everyone. And I actually have online friends that plan trips there or have it on their list of places they want to go someday. I guess I am lucky and grateful it is so close.
Jeffrey and I were there today for a friend's birthday party and my brother just got a job there.
It really is "The Place for Fun in Your Life!"



MidniteScrapper said...

mmmm...I've always wanted to visit! One day I will! =] Of course we'll meet up while I'm there. LOL

Mel said...

Anytime. I will give you the tour!!!