Friday, November 28, 2008

Today I am thankful for.... books

Today I am thankful for books. I am a fast reader. And I am a big reader. This means I can devourer books. I have actually had a few times where I have read a book in a night, and other times in 24 hours. Nick jokes with me about how I can read a book in two hours (an exaggeration unless it is a kids book). I don't know how come I can read so fast probably just a lot of reading when I was younger. And yet I have a ton of books at home to read, and even more on my list at the library. Ever since Carter was born I haven't had as much time, and now that I am working even less. But I still enjoy books and am grateful that we have so many to choose from. And as an adult I can choose to read whatever I want (with some nudges from the book club I am in). I do have to say, my favorite books are chick lit... they are usually light enough to take me away without depressing me... though I have read some real tough stuff. And now if I start a book and don't like it I don't waste my time and read it. Life is too short.
So to anyone that has written a book, thanks! Maybe I will return the favor some day and write my own book.


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