Monday, November 24, 2008

Today I am thankful for.... my daughter, Samantha

Today I am thankful for my girly girl Samantha.
I always knew I wanted at least one of each... so after I had Jeffrey and got pregnant again I knew I wanted a girl, though I was surprised to get my wish. In so many ways she is such a girl, she is highly sensitive and many times you have to be careful about setting her off, but in other ways she is just like the guys, especially when it comes to playing in dirt and sand. Lately she has really enjoyed dresses and she even wore a no sleeve shorter dress to church yesterday (when they high was in the forties). Nothing can take her away from her coloring, she hates to stop to even eat and watch out if you come to our house, you may leave with many pictures (she even gave one to the pizza delivery woman once!). In a way I want Samantha to be just like me, but in other ways I want her to be better then me. I do not know if it is because she is a girl or because she has a brother just 17 months older then her, but she is soooo smart. The stuff she is doing and trying to learn amazes me, I wonder if Kindergarten is going to be boring for her (of course there is all the projects that she will love). And she is awesome at helping Carter, she feeds him, gets him things and makes sure he is doing alright. She has a dimple on each cheek and is wrapped around her father's finger.
I am so thankful for Samantha, I love her so much.


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