Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today I am thankful for.... my crazy community

We have lived in Mound for over 7 years now. It took a little while to meet people outside of close neighbors. Now with our involvement out here with church, Knights, school, MOMS club etc. I feel like we know a ton of people. I do truly feel like we are part of the community.
And at times our community can be crazy. I found this out today. For years we have had an outdoor tree lighting ceremony. And tonight was the first night any of us have gone. This year they invited OLL's K-2 graders to sing as the first act. So Jeffrey and I went and wouldn't you know it was like the coldest night we have had so far this weekend. Needless to say we came, he sang and we left. We actually didn't get to see the tree lighting or Santa, we didn't stop for hot cocoa or go on a horse drawn cart ride. But Jeffrey did sing and we had a blast.

I always think it is only us crazy Minnesotans that have many things outside in these cold winters. But I am thankful for this craziness (at least for others).


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