Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today I am thankful for.... my father

(taken on Thanksgiving 2006)
Today I am thankful for the one person I missed the most today. Today I am thankful and missing my Dad.
With this challenge I find it really appropriate to write this post on Thanksgiving. See, Thanksgiving was probably one of or the favorite holiday of my father. I don't know if it was because he loved to grill the perfect turkey or if he loved always having it at their house or if it was because with Jewish and Christian relatives, this was the one holiday we all "agreed" on... probably a mix of all three. And that made this holiday really hard, especially for Mom and me... of course adding on the death of my Mom's Mom this year didn't make things any easier.
My father was the best person I have ever known. He would do anything for anyone and along with that he would talk to anyone. The conversations my Dad had were legendary. When he died I posted the eulogy on here so I wont re-tell everything but I do want to say a couple things.
Last year at this exact moment my Dad got to fulfill a dream, he got to take his whole family to Mexico. That says a lot about him, he was all about his family, especially his grandchildren. He always made me feel special.. whether it was him always calling me his favorite younger daughter or him always being there for me when I needed him.
But he isn't here now when I need him and for that I feel it is so unfair. I talked to someone yesterday who had also lost her first parent this year and we decided there is no way to sugar coat today when you are missing them so much.
Even so, I do want to thank God for the 28 years I had with my father. In many ways I am a lot like him, and I feel that is a good thing. Dad, I know you know how much we love you but I want to say it again, I love you so much.