Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today I am thankful for.... democracy

I think it is only fitting that today I am thankful for democracy and the privelages of living in the United States of America. I love that we have this ability to vote and have our voice heard (or kind of heard when it comes to the President and electoral college). And I am so glad that so many people will be exercising that right. Also, I am proud of my state of Minnesota which usually has the highest rate of voter turnout... early estimates put this year's number at 80%. Now I haven't voted yet... we are waiting till Jeffrey gets home from school and Nick gets done with work and we will all go vote. I remember going to vote with my parents and am proud to take my own kids - especially during this monumental election.
So I am probably that 1000th person to tell you this... but if you are allowed to vote.. please go vote today. And be thankful that you can.



tosin said...

I remember my parents taking me too, and I was proud to take my kids today. Hope you all had fun at the polls!

Mel said...

Yea... I am just bummed.. this is the first year my father isn't around to vote. And he was the one I always voted with (brother went with Mom).