Friday, November 21, 2008

Today I am thankful for.... good food

I am thankful for good food. That may be a 'doh' moment. But I really figured out today how much I love good food. We were filling out a secret santa form at work (yay, a bonus of working again), and I realized I could not live without good food. If I had the money I would never bring a lunch to work, I would go out. Now I just try to bring some frozen dinner or leftovers and maybe go out one day a week. Thankfully Nick and I are both decent cooks so we can make good dinners. But I do really enjoy eating out. One year that Nick and I were dating he aproximated how much we spent on going out to eat and it was huge, of course when you both live with your parents you try to go out as much as possible and restaurants are great places for a date. Now we rarely go out to dinner... and especially with the kids.. they can really bring the bill up.
So I am thankful for good food. Yummmm!


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