Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Today I am thankful for.... my cell phone

You would think when I put in my blog I am thankful for material things that I am materialistic... but you may not realize how some of these things can be life savers or at least sanity savers.
I have had my cell phone for 11 years. And it became the only way to get a hold of me around 3-4 years ago when we gave up our land line (Nick also has a cell). For some the thought of not having that land line seems hard, and it was at first, but now it is great because if you want to get a hold of me, call me... if you want to talk to Nick, call him. Now of course I do have the option of not answering!!
Having a cell phone has really become more important for me since having children. I know that the school can call me if anything happens with one of the kids, no matter where I am. And for those times I had to call 911 when Nick was not home, being able to call him on his cell at a job site made me feel at least a little better.
Now, I am working again and I do not have an extension yet. No worries, you can just call me on my cell or text me as is the case with Nick some of the time. And I can even check my email and websites on my phone now on my breaks.
So while it is fun to have a cell, it also brings piece of mind.


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