Friday, December 09, 2005

Tis and Tat!

As you can see... I have been writing quite a bunch lately.. and adding things some may deem as ads... yes they are... though I am just trying to find the right mix for my blog that others (especially those I know) would find interesting. I only talk about things I find interesting.
And on that vain... one more ad... I just wanted to add this because it is on my wish list of books. Nick Kelsh is a photographer who has done a lot of work with Creative Memories to help consultants and customers take better pictures. I was lucky enough to hear him talk at Showcase this summer. Unfortunately I did not take the time to buy this book and have it autographed. I still want it though.. he did have such great tips when I heard him talk. And the funny thing is, many of us that heard them implemented them right away. My favorite was he said take pictures from high up to get everyone.. and so we took pictures of us at the table while someone stood on a chair. He has written/photographed a lot of books besides this one too.

Update on the mouse.. it did not live the night... oh well...

Otherwise it is Friday!! We have a couple holiday things this weekend.. they should be fun.
And I have a little secret I cannot wait to share on here (some already know.. we are waiting to tell my parents.. and no, I am NOT pregnant).
Have a good day all!

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