Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas Carols

I decided today that it was ok to start listening to Christmas Carols. And here in the Twin Cities we have at least two "all Christmas" stations.. so here I go listening to "White Christmas," "Jingle Bell Rock," and "Do you Hear what I Hear." Maybe I will actually start feeling like it is the holiday season. Not that I don't feel like it... it is just that when you are an adult you have so many other things to worry about then what Santa will get you for Christmas!!! And with the thermometer outside hovering at 0 degrees Farenheit.. you really are just worried about staying warm.. again, why do I live in MN???

Anyways, we do plan to give the kids one big gift for Christmas.. but we probably wont have it by then. We do have another "standby" gift in the works that may come this week.. so.. you will have to wait and see... And (*disclaimer: I do agree it is the season for giving*) I am happy I don't have tons of people to shop for... it is just so hard to go out and shop this time of year between the amount of people out and the cold weather.

Kids get their first shot at seeing Santa this year Saturday at the work kids party!! I am grateful they do this every year for us.

ETA... I forgot to mention my favorite Carol... "Oh Come All Ye Faithful". I (with another girl) learned it in Latin when we were in grade school and think it is one of the prettiest holiday songs!!



Roxanne said...

Is it a puppy?? Are the kids getting a puppy??

Mel said...

Why are you guessing that?

You will have to wait and see!!