Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas in a nutshell!

Well.. another Christmas has come and gone... back to the real world... well kind of...
Work gave me Monday, next Friday and next Monday off and I have today off for my last day of vacation... so I am still "on vacation"!! And I am enjoying that fact.
Like I thought, the kids loved Christmas. The play kitchen Santa brought was a HIT... they have spent so much time with it. Plus Jeffrey got a farm set and Samantha got a play stroller for her dollys.. and of course more toys and books and clothes (all were cute too!).
The only bad part was that Samantha has a cold and has been teething.. so she had times were she was just miserable. Luckily Grandma was here on Christmas Day and tried to make her feel better. Jeffrey is starting to act like he is feeling better and has been generally a great kid lately.
Here is a pic of us on Christmas Eve:

And here is a pic of the kids and I and the kids and "Bapa" (Nick's Dad) then too:

More coming up on the big surprise from last week.

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