Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays to all.
Some of you received our Christmas Card and came here; some of you I unfortunately could not get a card to. Especially my SS/Internet friends.
So here is my card to you (I took out a couple things for privacy):

Happy Holidays to all!

Nick is still busy running XXX XXX Lawn & Landscape and had the opportunity to spotlight our yard on the Parade of Ponds tour this summer. Melissa is still at XXX and a Creative Memories Consultant.
Jeffrey turned 3 in May. Samantha turned 2 in October.
In June we had to put to sleep our beloved Lab, Mandi. Mollie did well at hunting this fall. This December we adopted a new Yellow Lab, Max!
We all went up to Northern Minnesota in May for Melissa's cousin's high school graduation - and the kids had their first dip in a big pool. In June, Nick went back up to go fishing. He also made two journeys to South Dakota to hunt. Melissa flew to Maryland/Pennsylvania in November to scrapbook with Internet friends.
Jeffrey started preschool in September and has been told he is the best at cleaning up! Samantha then started day care part time and fit right in. They both have made great
strides in their talking.

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and a healthy New Year.
Nick, Melissa, Jeffrey & Samantha, Mollie & Max


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