Thursday, December 08, 2005

Little Mouse

No... this is not our "standby" gift to the kids... it is my father-in-law's idea of a pet...
Fil found a mouse in his room (in our basement) - ick!  And instead of throwing it out into the cold winter...he is trying to keep it... O.K.  So last night he had it in an ice cream pail in our laundry sink... all good till I needed to do laundry.  So I had to figure out what to do about that - because he couldn't.  So.. I got a lid.. poked holes in it and got one of those liquid medicine cups for water... and tucked the dang mouse in for the night!!  I swear, this is not mine to deal with.. Fil can deal with it.. and I told him if the laundry room smells like dead mouse, he better do something about it.

This from the guy that is almost deathly afraid of spiders!!!
Go figure.

Anyways.. otherwise today is an insanly busy day for the family.. more on that later..

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Delmonti said...

It'll never work. The mouse is wild... and always will be. Best think is to lob it outside, althought, it will find its way back.