Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Check In!

Hey all you out there... I was just wondering who has been reading my blog... are you a family member or friend, internet pal or somebody that randomly found my blog. If so, leave me a comment.. I would love to hear from you and how you found my humble abode!!



Roxanne said...

I am a friend :)

agent713 said...

Hey you,
I read...when I remember. Makes "What's up" make more sense ;)

Melissa in AUS said...

G'day. I can't remember how I found you...maybe a link from Stacy's Blog? Remembering, I am a fairly good stalker ;) I try to read once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less ;)

I still can't follow "what's up" I'm too far out of the loop! LOL

~ the "other" Melissa

newsgirl said...

I read sometimes... see, your blog takes a long time to load on my computer... much longer than others so I only read once in awhile!!

tosin said...

Hello friend! I check in often. But I guess you knew that since I tend to comment often too.

Cyndy said...

Hey Mel!
I definitely check in regularly and have just been slow to post! I need to be better about updating my own blog about the random daily things. You write it well.