Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Random musings..

Well turns out Heidi/agent713 is now hooked on blogging (she was already hooked on SS)... she blames me... sorry! :-)
Today we may get the big family gift... can't say what it is yet... but I am excited!  Yay!
Nick and I are really getting involved in our church.  He was involved at our last church (I just a little bit).  We became official members just over a year and a half ago at this church.. though we had started to go off and on when we moved to Mound (we still tried to get to our old church).  I joined in first when I joined the church choir last Easter time.. and when the time and talent forms came around I also signed up to help with the centennial celebration.  Nick signed up to teach religious ed, landscape committee and decorating committee.  This means that one of us will be there most nights this week.

Shout out to those that responded to my post below called "check in".  I do know I have some faithful readers (faithful=reading once a week or more) and I am glad I am interesting enough for you.

My SS friend Veronica posted in her blog yesterday about the country.  She has lived in the country in Australia most of her life and cannot imagine it any other way.  I am the complete opposite.  I love the city.  Not necessarily the heart of the city.  But I like neighbors living close and access to stores.  Nick wants to live in the country on a bunch of land with a house in the middle.... I am afraid that would drive me nuts.  Of course because I work in downtown there is no way we can find "country" close enough - phew!  Though maybe some day it would be fun to have a horse...

So Max the Puppy is starting to really grow.  I know he gained over 3 pounds in a week.  Still working on "potty training".. though he is starting to let us know a little bit when he wants to go out... and we can tell a little better.  Cannot give that dog much water though.. he is like a leaky toilet.  He loves to go outside and play in the snow.. and him and Mollie have gotten along pretty well when they have spent time together.

Well, since it is ok to post 2 or more times in a day.. I will close for now.


agent713 said...

Addicted. Yeah, ya think???

Veronica in Aus said...

My "country" is similar to where Julia lives. We do have neighbours - but they aren't very close. And stores, well none where we live. Closest town with any kind of "stores" is a 20 minute drive. I love it this way. I liked living in the city too (and I lived right in the city) - but I got tired of my noisy and nosy neighbours and not having a backyard.

Mel said...

I will say Julia lives in a pretty area. I guess I am used to having things like a grocery and drug store... and some food places less then 5 minutes away. And where I live now there is less then where I grew up (at least for my needs). I am glad you enjoy where you live... that is what counts.
And heck... maybe I can see it in person some day!