Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ebbs and Flows?

There is some saying out there and I think it says life has its ebbs and flows... if not.. I just made that up.  Life has been kind of like that lately. 

It took me all last week to recover from Strep.  I think Sunday was the first day I felt "normal".  Glad that is done with and I hope the kids, Nick (and me, again) do not get it.  The last thing I need to get better is my taste buds.

We went and got a Christmas Tree on Saturday and put it up along with the Christmas decorations.  Nick set up the Christmas Village.. and of course Jeffrey wanted to help.  We created quite the neat setup for the tree and the village.  And it is great to have all the Christmas lights on at night.  We even have something in the bathroom and the kids' room.

And the kids got their first visit from St. Nick.. I decided to start back up the tradition we had growing up where St. Nick puts treats in the kids' boots.  Though I forgot to have them put theirs out... so we took care of it.. and they woke up this morning all perplexed to find a toothbrush, top and Christmas book in (near) their boot.

Otherwise, lots of stuff to do coming up.  Tis the season!

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Roxanne said...

What an adorable tradition! We never did that, but that's such a cute idea.