Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Ok... here is the surprise we have been planning for about a month.
Last Tuesday Nick picked up our new "tiny puppy" Maggie!!

To make a short story long.. we did not plan to have two new puppies in 2 weeks. Initially we put down a deposit at a place that sells mixed breeds... we did not have a specific kind in mind... though we wanted it to be small and most likely a mix with poodle (yes, I know some of you don't agree with designer dogs... but this is what we wanted). So when we put down the deposit we thought the earliest we would get a puppy was January. At the same time Nick and his Dad were talking with the trainer for our hunting dogs about replacing Mandi. He said we needed one no later then March to really be ready to go hunting.. so then the whole thing with getting Max the Lab came about and we got him, thinking we would not be getting our other puppy right away.
Well, the weekend before Christmas the mixed breed place called us and asked if we wanted a shih poo. Nick initially said no because he did not know what it was... but we both checked out the pictures and found out they had this one girl available. Well we sprung at it and a couple days later Nick was getting Maggie. Turns out Maggie was born on October 20 and Max was born October 17... so they are almost "twins".
So now we are the proud dog parents of three... Mollie, Max and Maggie. And no... I did not want all of our dogs to have M names... especially since mine is an M name as well... but Nick looked at both of them and came up with the names.
Here is the pic of Maggie when Nick brought her by my work so I could see her first. And here is a pic of Jeffrey and Maggie.

Jeffrey certainly took a liking to her... he loves that he got his tiny puppy and sometimes walks around with her like a stuffed toy.
Here is me with Max and Maggie. And also one of Nick and the two puppies.

And one more photo... Samantha and Jeffrey with Maggie on Christmas.

So, yes... life has been crazy... we have both had to get up overnight with one or both dogs. And they do fight like dogs at times. But we do have some cutie pie dogs!!


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Emmy said...

Maggie is adorable!!!!

btw, would love a link on your blog, and if you can help me I would love to link you on mine also if you want ... I will ask Dawnn if she wants links too :)
the same day you talked Heidi into blogging I got talked into it too *lol*
Thanks for nice note and help with links :)
Diane (CMCEmmylou)