Monday, December 12, 2005


Now to reveal our little surprise:
We got a new puppy! A Yellow (White) Lab named Max!!!

Nick and my father-in-law and Jeffrey went down to Iowa on Thursday after finding out about a litter of 12 Labs with field champion blood lines. He met the Daddy, Bruno (& Mommy - not pictured) as well as some of his litter mates.

Well they got a great deal and found Max and brought him home!
Of course puppies are like children... we have had to deal with a lot of whining and potty training issues.. but every day it is getting better..
Nick and I love him...

Initially their was mixed reviews from the kids. Jeffrey has been asking for a tiny puppy the size of FIL's chiuahua Scooter.. and this dog is already bigger then that.. I also think he was jealous of all the attention. Though slowly he is getting more and more excited and only gets upset when Max tries to use him as a chew toy! Samantha has been super excited from the get go. All we here from her in a high squeeling voice is "puppy", "Max", "poop & pee"!!! Max really thinks they are litter mates and tries to use her as a chew toy even more, so far she is doing pretty good with him doing that (and of course we tell him NO).

Max has been introduced to Mollie. Initially she showed some jealousy... but she will play with Max.

So this is our new cutie pie!!

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Roxanne said...

Max is very cute and FUZZY!!