Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Eve Eve

It is funny how long we drag out holidays these days. First off all the stores normally have their holiday displays/items out as much as two months ahead of time. Then, depending on the holiday, there are holiday events for weeks or even a month before hand. Then the week before is filled with holiday this and holiday that. And when it comes to vacations or days off at work we try harder and harder to not be there. Ah well... I cannot complain... though thankfully I can just go home instead of being in that hustle and bustle. Either way, it is 2 days till Christmas. Work has been especially crazy.. I am hoping it is not today. Today at work should be about not slacking off, but not busting our butts!! I think the Christmas shopping is finished. So tonight should be about wrapping presents. Tomorrow with it being Christmas Eve, the only thing really planned is Midnight (at midnight) mass. It is my first Christmas in the choir, so I am excited about singing all those traditional carols. And hopefully it will be nice enough and the kids will feel well enough to maybe go sledding (though the way it is going here it may all be melted - and I wouldn't complain). Christmas will be another mass (probably just me) and then opening gifts. Later on my parents are coming over for even more gifts. Should be a fun day. Funny thing, when Nick and I were engaged or just married, one Christmas we had nothing to do, so we went to the Mall of America and saw a movie.. and it was fun.

It looks like the latest email subscription service for my blog will work. So I added it to my sidebar. Let me know if you have any difficulties if you do subscribe.

So I treated myself to an early Christmas present. was on sale for like 1/2 off at Target.. and I have wanted one of their CDs... so I bought it for myself, since I was using a gift card given to me at work. Right now I am jamming to it!!

Well... again, if I don't "see" you, Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah. For those that don't know.. the first night of Hannukah is Christmas Eve this year.


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Roxanne said...

Merry Christmas to you, Nick, Jeffrey, Samantha, Mollie, Max, and Maggie! Try to take a photo of all those pups! Little reindeer, they are :)
Special greetings to your folks and Gar and Scooter!