Monday, February 13, 2006

You know you're a mother..

I know any of us that have had kids (and yes you can change that to father if you are a guy reading this), have those moments when you know you are a parent.  Jeffrey did not go to daycare till after Samantha was born and when I walked in and one of the older kids yelled.. "its Jeffrey's mother" was one of those times (I was like "who, what, where").

And of course one of those big times is when your child is sick.  Whether it be sitting in the bathroom with the shower on to make steam for their croup-like cough or cleaning up their bedding after they "got sick" all over it.  Or when they come in your room and want to be by you because they don't feel good.  And so yes, I felt like a mother this weekend.  Both kids were sick - not that bad - more like they "got it out of their system" and were up and playing like they felt fine.  This meant that we dare not do too much for fear that they will get sick again or that we will get sick.  This also meant that we had a kid sleeping on the floor next to us (we really try not to let them in our bed for fear of that getting into a bad habit).  And this again means, I feel like a mother.

On that note, yes, was home most of the weekend.  And did not get a lot done.  Well at least next week is a three day weekend with getting President's Day off (I guess it is weird that I get that and MLK Day off since I don't work for the government). 

And NASCAR is here.. well kind of.. the Bud Shootout was Sunday (moved from Saturday due to rain).. and that means this Sunday is the Daytona 500.  Jeff Gordon had a mixed day yesterday.  He qualified 2nd for the 500 (which means the Twin 150s aren't a big deal for him) but then blew an engine in the Bud Shootout.  And then a rookie won the Shootout anyways (which is amazing because rookies don't normally get to be in it because you have had to won a pole the year before or get in because your "team" won - still don't know how he got in).

Oh.. had another "mother moment" when Jeffrey fell asleep on my while watching NASCAR... awww....
And to add to that... today is the first day both kids are going to daycare together.. just Monday, Wednesday, Friday while my Dad recovers from his surgery and so Nick can get work done.  Well, I talked to Nick and when he walked them into daycare they were so excited to go together.  Jeffrey was telling Samantha how they would get to play all day together and sit next to each other while eating breakfast, and then he took her hand and led her up the stairs (to the main level).  I am glad they enjoy each other (for the most part)!

Well off to deal with Monday.  Boss is gone this week - though thankfully I have such great co-workers, we should hardly notice (*knock on wood* unless something crazy happens in this world).  Oh, and I have to go to Target because all of a sudden Valentine's Day is tomorrow and the kids need Valentines for school/day care and I should get Nick a card!!



Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

Hey, it's Ian's Mom, yes I love hearing that. And I love when he needs me at night, even if it means I'll be exhausted the next day.

BTW, Denny Hamlin got into the Bud shootout because he is Bobby Labonte's replacement, therefore it's like he gets in because BL won a pole position last year. Hope that helps.

Mel said...

Yea... or when Jeffrey says he wanted to sleep in the middle of us because he loves us!!!

You know, I figured that was how he got in.. though I still need to get it straightened out, who is with what team.