Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lists Part 2

Ok.... since I gave Heidi the idea, I had to copy her and see how many of the list of my Renter's 101 things she would like to do that I have done...

So here is my response to her list:
1. Go to bar, hang out, drink alcohol by myself and enjoy it – By myself?  Hmm... not alone..
2. Play laser tag – done, I think?  We had a couple places here when it was the thing.
3. Get a Professional massage and/or full spa day – Done.  Best one was the one my husband bought me for our honeymoon.
4. Jump on a trampoline – Done that.  Last time was last Spring at my Aunt and Uncle's house... had to kick my kids off for some serious jumping!
5. Host dinner party for at least 8 – Nope, we need 8 friends to do that!! 

6. Visit a museum and/or art gallery – Done both.  Science and Children's Museum here, as well as the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and the Minneapolis Institute of Art and Walker Art Museums.
7. Go to Rein Faire in Full Costume – I take it that means a Renissance Fair?  I have been to it, but not dressed up - I am sure my friend Laura could help me with that.
8. Sleep in a water bed – My parents had one when I was born and there are pictures of me sleeping/laying on it.  Not a big fan though.
9. Make note of where I am when my car turns 100,000 miles – I did that with my Honda Accord.. I was on the way home from the bus stop in 2000 or 2001 when we lived in Minnetonka.... don't have that car anymore though.
10. Visit a planetarium – Done this multiple times growing up... we have a cool one in Minneapolis (well it is closed right now with the library remodel.. no clue when/if it will open back up.)

11. Participate in a wine tasting and/or winery tour – Haven't done that... does a brewery tour count?  (Coors in Golden, CO).
12. Do a High Tea somewhere – Oooh Tonya wants to do this sometime.
13. Play chess – Yes
14. See a Drive in movie – Not yet, I should get to that before they all close here.
15. {Need To Come Up With Something - What was originally here was a duplicate with 55}

16. Play blackjack at a casino – Have not done that - watched my brother too.
17. Make homemade ice cream – We tried doing that at a friends house once.
18. Try 10 new food (like seafood/etc) – Hmm... I have tried a lot of foods, so...
19. See a musical – Lots.. mostly teenage groups.. but I have seen Cats, Joseph, Phantom, Damn Yankees and Aida and another one - that broadway companies have done.
20. Ride in a taxi – in trouble the first time because a friend convinced us to do it.

21. Have my fortune read - Not done.
22. Go away away for my birthday - that sounds like a fun idea... though that would mean traveling around 9/11..
23. Throw my sister a 40th birthday party – Doubt I will do that since she and I will probably live halfway across the country from each other.
24. Vist my fathers grave site – Another one I am grateful I cannot do right now... though I should visit my Grandparents sometime.
25. Send birthday cards to all siblings, their spouses/children and friends (ie anyone on Christmas card list) – Well.. first I would need to know my brother-in-law's birthday.. and my stepnieces and nephew's... otherwise, I do ok..

26. Attend my 20 high school reunion (Am I showing my age?) – Yea... still got time for that.. my 10 year should be next year and I am excited.
27. Go Christmas caroling – Done that a couple times.
28. Get wisdom teeth pulled – Did that the day after my last college final.
29. Get AIDS test – Done that.
30. Ask for a raise – Did that at a part-time job once.

31. Work on an election campaign – Done that.  My family was really into working behind the scenes.
32. Watch or rewatch all moves on AFI top 100 list – Not too interested in this... I just don't like some movies.
33. Create my family tree – Started it a little bit with a free computer program.
34. Draft a will – I really need to get on this with having two kids to worry about.
35. Collect all 50 US State Quarters (last one might be hard to get in Sept 2008) – Started this once... but I don't use cash too much to do this.

36. {Need To Come Up With Something - What was originally here was a duplicate with 90}
37. Go a week without watching television – That would be hard... especially with where I work.
38. Spend one weekend totally unplugged. No TV, No Computer, No Phone – I agree.. no phone now would be hard.  I kind of did the no TV and computer at the PA/MD retreat.
39. Fast for 24 hours – did that back in my Jewish days for Yom Kippur - and it is hard.
40. Be in audience of a game show or talk show and/or try out for a game show or reality show – that would be fun.. and while I could not be a contestant right now, I could be in the audience!

41. Get ear training lessons to be able to hear pitch – I think I can kind of do this.
42. Learn to cook 10 new dishes- not too hard.. I find recipes off and on and try.
43. Play with a handbell choir – that would be fun.. though I cannot do it now since they practice too early - I am in the church choir though.
44. Do 25 different crossword puzzles – Done that.. love crosswords
45. Take a Self Defense Class – Did a mother/daughter one with my mom when I was younger.

46. Fire a gun - not to keen on this... though it may happen since Nick is a hunter.
47. Take Ballroom Dancing Lessons – That would be fun.
48. Take real swimming lessons (learn proper backstoke, kick turn) – Done that.. and was on the swim team.
49. Leave to drive a stick shift – Started learning from Nick... probably could manage in a really big emergency.
50. Try yoga – I do want to do this.

51. Take a cake decorating class – This may be fun..
52. Learn to use chopsticks – Can do.
53. Learn to shuffle – Great at this.
54. Take a refresher First Aid course – Another thing I really need to do being a mother.
55. Learn how to play pinochle – Don't know.

56. Try to Ski – Tried that once... maybe I could try again (I do live in MN after all).
57. Take a spinning class – if Laura would drag me to it.
58. Try Golf – Tried that too a couple times... who has the time?
59. Buy a new car – Nick and I bought one together... nice one... too bad we had to sell it.
60. Get hair colored professionally (or highlighted or perm) – I have gotten it highlighted and permed professionally.  I do just fine with the box stuff otherwise.

61. Bikini wax – When I have my all-expense paid vacation to the Carribean (which is not on my list right now)
62. Buy a new condo (or house) – Bought a house.. I think that counts.
63. Have Professional Shopper help me pick clothes (maybe 5 outfits?) – That would be fun.. and they will do that for free here.
64. Get 5 outfits custom tailored – That too would be fun.
65. Use Peapod for grocery delivery (Once as a treat) – Like Simon Delivers?  We have talked about that.

66. Buy myself flowers - I probably did that in high school so I would not feel lonely when the Student Council was selling them.
67. Stay at a bed and breakfast – Did that with my parents and brother... though I really want to go to one with Nick!
68. Go to Las Vegas – Want to do that.
69. Go to Austin Texas in the Spring(because Brian said it was wonderful and I said I would at some point. Since this conversation took place over 4 years ago - think it's about time I followed through) - Only if it was to visit my fellow SSer.
70. {Need To Come Up With Something - What was originally here was a duplicate with 82}

71. Shop at the Mall of America – Been there, done that, worked there.
72. Make list of 25 places must visit in CT and do them all – Change CT to MN.. and I have been a lot of places here.
73. Stay overnight in NYC – Did that in high school with my Temple.
74. Go to Boston – Oohh sounds like fun.
75. Stay overnight at the Casino – Done that... a couple different times at the ones in MN.

76. Visit the San Diego Zoo – Been to SD but I wanted to go to Sea World instead.
77. See a live horse race – Yep, been to the track (not since I have been legal to bet though)
78. Perform in dance recital or contest – Did this growing up.
79. Watch a sunrise – I think so.
80. Watch a Sunset – Gosh... done that.

81. Attend a Bonfire – wonderful wonderful memories! (Oooh... if you are talking about what I think you are Heidi, I agree).  I have also had them in my town/yard.
82. Take a trip by train (aka Travel somewhere on Amtrak) – I should do that sometime.
83. Take a trip by bus – Done this with youth groups.
84. Go to Midnight Mass – Just did that this Christmas and boy was it late!
85. Attend Sunrise Easter Service – Sunrise?  Does 8:30 count?

86. Give Blood – Did it twice and fainted/almost fainted both times.
87. Volunteer XX hours or events - I should... another timing thing.  I used to volunteer a lot in school.
88. Tithe to charities of my choice for a year – Should do that... when we get a straight budget.
89. Collect and then bring to bank’s free Coinstar machine $1000 in change – Hmmm... I wonder how much spare change we have collected.
90. Participate (not as a volunteer) in a 5K – That sounds like a lot.. I think I have done a 3K

91. Go a week without using a computer – Does my honeymoon count?
92. Get Married – Been there, done that, have the handsome husband to prove it.
93. Participate in a team sport for a season - Did that in school.
94. Send myself a postcard home whenever I leave town. Make them into a nice scrapbook at the end of this – Sounds like a great idea... maybe next trip.
95. Really try to loose weight/get in better shape – I worked on that last year and had some success.. I need to get back on that wagon though.

96. Tell a boy I love him – I LOVE YOU NICK!!!
97. Walk through a corm maize – I will probably get to that sometime.
98. Buy GPS system for car. If portable, use to go geocaching – A GPS system would be fun!
99. Visit Grand Canyon – Not done.
100. Visit Niagara Falls – Not done.
101. Attend Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – Maybe would be fun.

Hmmmm... turns out I have done about half of these - cool... now to start my list!!!