Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The past two nights I have had the most horrible dreams.  Nightmares, I suppose.
Mon night-Tue Morn:  A person came into where I was (possibly work - thought it seemed more like a store or bank) and went on a shooting rampage.  They were aiming for me and were shooting, but must have had blanks because I don't remember actually being hit.

Tue night-Wed Morn:  Nick had been somewhere (some rich person's house) and I took the kids to hang out and use their pool.  And when I was there I realized he was cheating on me.  I was so upset because IRL I think there is about a .00000001% chance he would do such a thing.  So I brought the kids to my parents house and went to hang out with Earl from "My Name is Earl".. and he had a bunch of friends over and all the guys were doing a mock strip tease to cheer me up.

Either way, I did not sleep well and had a hard time getting up both days.  And it may just be stress with Nick's company and such that is causing these crazy nightmares.  I am just wiped.

Though if anyone is a dream expert if you want to diagnose me, go right ahead.


agent713 said...

Yikes! Having the guy from "My Name is Earl" doing a striptease would be a nightmare enough for me!!!! active dreamer but not much good at deciphering them...

Mel said...

Thankfully they only got down to their boxers!!