Monday, February 06, 2006

Cold cold

First off, it is freezing outside... after having a warm and beautiful January, February is turning out to be normal... which means arctic chill!
And the other cold is for what I got... I am pretty sure I have a cold... I can feel it in my throat.. and my voice is shot. But I came in to work today because I did not want to use my second sick day already. Oh well, I will survive. Though it probably explains why I was falling asleep sitting up this weekend.
Talked to Nick this morning and he said when Jeffrey got up he was wondering if the little girl that was over here (neighbors) last night was coming over today and got real sad when we said she wasn't coming over today. All the kids had so much fun... at one point the oldest (girl) and Jeffrey and Samantha were all in our bed - with Maggie the Puppy... no clue whose idea it was either (and yes I took a pic - but wont post it here due to it being other people's kids).
And speaking of pictures... I don't think I have mentioned this.. but Jeffrey is turning into a budding photographer... he loves to get his hands on my camera and take pictures.. so here is one he took of Nick and I a week ago....

Cool, huh?

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