Monday, February 13, 2006


Since I know some people look to my blog to find fun stuff to put on theirs, I have to point this site out:

Basically it is for all of you out there that have "blog stalkers" (*ahem* Heidi *ducking*).. you sign up and add your own "button" on your sidebar (mine is towards the bottom and looks a little different then the one above).. and then it gives your status based on if you have logged into their site today. So for days that you don't feel like blogging, you can still log in and tell everyone you are safe!!!

Just a PSA!


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agent713 said...

LOL!!! I am NOT a stalker, I'm a CIAO ;) That's kind of cool. I don't think y'all want to know how often I log into mine and other's blogs though :ph34r: