Monday, February 13, 2006


"The Road of Life is paved with great intentions"
Or something like that.
And so is my life.  I have tons of things I intend to do.  Just when it comes to this blog I know I intend to blog on the weekends (though in all fairness - Nick's new computer was at the store trying to get data transferred - so he was on mine alot this weekend) and I keep intending to do a movie post based on some DVDs I have seen lately.  Of course, that has not happened yet.

And I do not know how many phone calls I intend to make that either never happen, or are so behind, it is like "who cares"?

Cleaning - every weekend I intend to clean this, that and the other thing... and am happy to have the laundry done.  Though at least I went through all the paperwork and have it into NICE. NEAT. PILES.

Emails can be one of the worse intended spots.  I know that if I do not respond to an email right away, the chances of me doing so are slim.

Another big one is Creative Memories.. I intend to make that a business and a job... I know what to do.. I just do not do it.  I even have on my calendar for the past couple weeks... "make my CM goals"... hasn't happened yet.

And why?  Intention mixed with procrastination leads to such an internal dilemma... it is easy not to do anything.. or only when absolutely needed.  Yet I know of those people that get what they intend to do done... you would not call them a procrastinator.

And of course.. every once in a while I get a "bug up my butt" and think, I will change.. I have to.. I have to succeed... I have to get better...

But I haven't


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agent713 said...

Uggh. I *so* could have written this post. I really like this line "Intention mixed with procrastination leads to such an internal dilemma" So true!!!
~Heidi...suffering from said dilema daily...