Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Days off are nice!

Well, back to work after a nice three day weekend.  And it was quite an enjoyable weekend.
My parents did come over Saturday and had fun with the kids.  Then later on we went to our neighbors for the first meeting of T.O.O.L. and I liked it (even if I am not much of a praying/bible reading type).

Sunday we stayed after church for the KoC Pancake Breakfast - because Nick has just signed up to be a Knight.  Then we had our neighbors over with their two kids - so Jeffrey could see his girlfriend - and watched the Daytona 500 (go Jimmie Johnson!).  Then after that was Alpha.

Then Monday I got up and went to the dr for my annual - which has gotten a lot easier since I have had 2 kids.  She said things sound good.  Afterwards I went to the Mall right near by and shopped.  I first went to Eddie Bauer and found a jacket that was originally $78 on clearance for $49.99 - and just till the end of Monday - all clearance was 50% off - so the jacket was $24.99 - but the real kicker was that I had a $25 gift card from doing on online survey (thanks SlickDeals!) and so I got a penny back!  Afterwards I went to JcPenney's and used some of a gift card.  Then off to Costco for some pictures and back home - where I was greeted with silence!!  Nice!   The kids were in day care, Nick spent most of the day up in his office above the garage, and the dog slept for a while - so I sat and scrapped!

The only downfalls were that I woke up Monday morning with my neck/shoulder hurting from sleeping funny.. and then got a Tetanus shot at the drs office, so my left shoulder/arm is sore today.

Otherwise back to the grindstone.. though I do have Thursday off to go with Jeffrey on a field trip to the Children's Museum!

And if any of you out there are the praying type - please pray for Nick and his business.  This could be a very good week if the stars align right.  Thanks!


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