Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I am a genuine music lover... many genres will I listen to and sing along with. I also know how much music can influence my mood. Right now I am listening to the original recording of Phantom of the Opera (thanks to my friend Laura) and I have not listened to it in years... but I still know the words and am mouthing them along with the music. And I love to sing.. but am not the greatest singer... still doesn't mean I wouldn't love to be on a huge stage singing (or performing in a musical)... that would be a dream.
I got my first cup of coffee since the "coffee incident" a week and a half ago... this was the usual decaf from Caribou... so I should be alright. I did try the new Zebra Mocha, and it tastes pretty good.
And is it Grammys or Grammy's? I know it is the Grammy Awards... but how do you shorten it? So I am trying to grow out my hair... not like it has been short lately... but now I am trying to see how long I can make it before it really annoys me (kind of the thing to do is grow out your hair - if you go by the people I know).. well this leads me to play with my hair all day long.. and touch it.. because it is so nice and smooth. I think if I really take care of my hair it will grow out really nice. And I always use Pantene on my hair.. found other stuff is just junk.


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