Saturday, February 18, 2006

Freezing Saturday

Welcome to the Arctic Tundra... it was 15 Below Zero last night and it has risen to a "balmy" 1 degree above zero (Farenheit). So the best thing to do is stay inside if you can.
My parents are over to seeing their Grandkids today.. and I really should be getting stuff done around the house... but I am on here.
Otherwise we have a marriage dinner/thing tonight... that should be fun.
And tomorrow is the Daytona 500! Go Jeff Gordon!


Emmy said...

I hear ya, we're in the Arctic here too ... Friday night it was about 12 below zero, today we are a balmy 18... and you know it's just plain wrong when you go outside and say to yourself, well it's warmer than Friday night!
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
Here's hoping we get a warm up soon! Like say high 20s :D

Mel said...

Oh yes, we've had all that icky cold stuff here too. All I am doing is hoping spring will show her pretty face soon!

Stay Warm!