Friday, February 03, 2006

Blogs are funny

It is funny... now that many of my online friends have blogs, one person seems to find something cool or some quiz to take and we all roll with it.  And some of them thought they would run out of things for their blog!

I think I will never run out.  I usually can find something to write about.. at least every few days (unless I am *gasp* away from the computer).  I have not written much lately because ever since I was sick earlier this week I have felt like I have a "light" cold.  Nothing major, just something I can kind of feel in my head.  It toys with my sinuses.

I am happy it is Friday.  I hope I can rest and recover this weekend.  I think we plan to go visit my parents tomorrow.. since Dad's shoulder surgery he has not been doing so well... well, at least as well as I thought he would be.  So Get Well Soon Dad!

I received my Mary Kay order yesterday... I am a personal use consultant so I only order once a year.. and it is always fun to get re-stocked up with the essentials.  Mainly just their Time Wise because I have a lot of their makeup that I rarely use (though I did put some on today).  I am thankful for those that helped me with my order!

Well... I think I just need to send this to my blog... I got to get other stuff done.

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