Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I admit... I have been CRABBY lately.
Maybe it is because it is around that time of the month... maybe it is the touch of Seasonal Affect Disorder the majority of Minnesotans have this time of the year... maybe it is just life stresses that are doing it to me. But basically don't cross me right now.
And of course, the kids and Nick deal with the brunt of it. Especially the kids. I give kudos to some parents out there that have patience.. because I rarely have it.. especially when it comes to something I know the kids can do (like clean up, get dressed, etc.)

It just sucks though.
Maybe I am just crabby because lately I have had a lot of feelings of inadequecy. At least when I was working I made some money for the family.. and even though it wasn't a ton of money, it was something. Now I am a Stay At Home Mom. Too bad I suck at the housekeeping part of it, not so great at the Mom part of it, and could definetly work at being a better wife. What does that make me?
Nick and I are working together to start a little web design business... something I could do a good job at since I am great with computers.. but yet I still doubt myself.

So where does that leave me?
I guess I am a floundering fish... too bad the lakes are all froze and I cannot reach the top!


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