Monday, February 12, 2007

Dear Cupid....

For the Scrapshare blog challenge this week this is the challenge:
Write a letter to Cupid.
Say what's on your mind about Valentine's Day.
Is it a bunch of bunk?
Another chance for Hallmark to make some money?
Are you a romantic at heart?
Do you have hints for your Valentine?
Do you have a Valentine's memory to reminisce about?

Dear Cupid....
It is funny that this is the challenge this week (though of course this is all not coincidental since Valentines Day is in 2 days). I saw these two quotes in
Oprah's "Mission Calendar Inspiration" email I get every day:
On Feb 9: "Love is my decision to make your problem my concern." -- Robert Schuller
On Feb 12: "Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone--we find it with another." -- Thomas Merton
Of course those of us with a love understand these quotes. One of the factors of marriage that Nick still is not so used to is that to have romantic love towards and with another person, you lose a sense of independence. No longer does every step you take impact just one person (not discounting those close to you - like your parents - of course). He has actually said to me he was not scared of dying till he fell in love with me. This of course has gotten compounded since we have had two kids. You walk through life together. And when the kids are grown - you hope that both of you will still be walking together, holding each other up.
Many people discount Valentines Day as a "Hallmark Holiday". I truly don't feel that way. For some, you show those that love you that you love and appreciate them all the time. For others, you need V Day so that you can be told "I Love You". Now Nick is probably in the middle.. and as we have gotten older I don't expect candle lit dinners and fancy jewelry. But I do expect a card. A card to me shows that you love someone enough that you took time out of your day (sometimes just 5 extra minutes) to pick out a thoughtful card (or make one) so that you show your love. I mean, I wouldn't turn down a nice gift.. I just don't expect it.
Of course I wish life was more romantic... but it is so hard to get to the romance through all the stress of life.

As for V Day memories. Nine years ago this V Day, Nick had his first "family trip" with my family. Funny, because Nick was my boss when we met.. and I knew I was going off to college but was going to try to come back and work on the weekends I was in town.. and on our first date (July 27, 1997) I told Nick I would need that day off (just for conversation).. well he was joking that I couldn't take it off. Fast forward over 6 months later.. not only do we both not work there.. he is with us on this trip for a family occasion.
The next V Day (1999) was actually the day I converted to Catholicism.

This V Day.. it will be me and the kids because Nick has to teach religion Wednesday night.. ah well!!
I just hope that this V Day, you tell your loved ones that you truly Love them!


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