Thursday, February 15, 2007

RIP Mollie

I have been holding off posting this - for awhile it was too hard to deal with.

On Thursday, December 28, 2006 we lost one of our fur babies. Mollie was 5 1/2 years old.. so as you can imagine this was a shock to us.
The night before we heard her whining.. we went out to the kennel to check her out. Her stomach was bloated. We thought that since both her and our male lab weren't fixed that she was pregnant. We had seen her getting some "action" so that would have made sense.
When Nick went to check on her the next morning she was still whining.. but we thought it was just pregnancy pains some more. We had to go out of town that day for a couple days, so we asked our neighbor to look in on the big dogs (the little ones were going with us). When she came home that afternoon from work she went in and checked and Mollie was already dead. Laying exactly where she was laying when Nick put her back in the kennel.
Our neighbor's son lives next door to a Vet, so they called her and she said it was a twisted stomach/intestines. Something fairly common in dogs that live with another dog.
This is my third pet to die. First was Mandi (Nick's Lab) who died at age 14, next was Klinger (parent's cat) who died at age 23... for some reason this one was the hardest. I think because this was my first puppy. When we got her over 5 years ago, I went with Nick and my fil to Nebraska to pick her up. I have pictures of her as a puppy laying on my lap. She never did get to live a full life. And that is the tragedy.
Here is Mollie

Now she is up in heaven driving my fil nuts, playing with Mandi.

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