Saturday, January 27, 2007

Is 2007 any better?

That is the question.

Well, we still are on a roller coaster, just one that isn't so hight and so low. My Dad is getting better.. for over a week he has been off sedation. He has a trach still, but he is off the ventilator. He is eating but still has a feeding tube for back up. He gets dialysis three times a week, but they are still optomistic that he will not need that forever. He has lost about 30 pounds, some of which he could have stood to lose. And he can talk! Now that he is with it, you can truly see the joy on his face when us and the kids come and visit. We walk in and he smiles and he keeps telling us how much he loves us (and us to him). Things are really looking up. Sounds like the next step is a rehab facility where he can get physical, occupational and possibly speech therapy.

Of course on one of the visits to the hospital we got knocked down a peg when ours and my brother's friend's car got towed out of a lot. We assumed that even though it said M-F you couldn't park because it is a school lot, that since that Monday was Martin Luther King Day - which meant no school, that we could park. So that really sucked.
We got to see the goodness of life when our friends gave birth to a little girl last Tuesday. Their new little girl looks a lot like Samantha when she was born since she has a full head of black hair.
Nick has been around more, which is a mixed blessing because he said all year long that he would be around more come winter, but yet he gets frustrated when he cannot work.
I joined
Curves two weeks ago. I just want to lose a weight a some inches. I have my friend Roxanne's wedding at the end of the year and want to look good on the beach of the Bahamas.
That is our January so far... I really should get some new pictures up.. I will plan on doing that soon.



agent713 said...

Thanks for the update Melissa! Glad to hear things are looking up.

Rose said...

I'll keep your father in my prayers. If you need sometime to talk to then I'm here.