Thursday, February 22, 2007

February Heat Wave!

We have been lucky here in the Twin Cities, after a cold stretch, the past couple days we have had a heat wave. It has been in the forties the past couple days and today is the first day I don't think we reached that mark. This has meant time to hang out outside. Nick was cleaning out the garage, the kids got to play (and get muddy) and we (except Nick) got to take the dogs out for a walk.
So what does a February Heat Wave look like... here are some pictures:
In our backyard/driveway on Monday:

On the lake on Wednesday:

Well it all is going to come to an end this weekend with an early "March Madness" snowstorm. Ah well.. the Groundhog predicted and early Spring.. so maybe it will come true.



Roxanne said...

Great Pics! Looks like Max is having a good time too..good to see that :)

agent713 said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Samantha standing spread eagle LOL